Excel Training in Chennai Conducted at Tata Motors

1-Day Basic Excel Training in Chennai Conducted at Tata Motors in Automobile Sector

Basic Excel Training Workshop Tata Motors in Chennai
Participants joined for a group photo after completion of one day Excel Workshop
  • Basic application of Worksheet is the main focus area of the Basic Excel training workshop.
  • Company name: Tata Motors in Automobile sector located in Chennai area.
  • Training for 15 Participant from Customer Service Team.

One Day Basic Excel Training Syllabus:

  • Time saving tricks like Go to Special, Find & Replace, Flash Fill and more
  • Data Lookup & Calculations: These essential functions are most required in data pulling and in creating MIS dashboards
  • Logical Statements: “Logical” refers to True/False
  • Working with Dates
  • Pivot Table Analysis: The best way to perform multi-variable analysis on columnar data
  • Data Cleaning
  • Conditional Formatting

Challenges faced by the participant while working with tools:

  • Main challenge was to know “what are the functions and where to use them
    • Identify the Elements of the User Interface, Customize the Excel Interface, Work with Cells, Enter Data in an Excel Workbook, Obtain Help in Excel.
    • Create Basic Formulas, Calculate the Cell Values by Using Functions, Copy Formulas and Functions.
    • Manipulate Data, Modify the Worksheet Elements, Search for Data in a Worksheet, Modify Rows and Columns.
    • Modify Fonts, Check a Worksheet for Spelling Errors, Apply Number Formatting, Add Borders and Colors to Cells, Align the Content in a Cell, Apply Cell Styles.
    • Set the Page Layout Options, Set Page Breaks, Print a Workbook.
    • Format Worksheet Tabs, Manage Worksheets, View Worksheets, and Workbooks.

A lesson of the day:

  • Participants can learn faster with live examples.
  • Hands on experience in handling Excel sheets.

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