Our firm, Excel Next expertise in providing Advanced Excel Training in Mumbai. It is important for Excel lovers to know the Advanced Excel Techniques.

We all know, Mumbai is the Financial Capital of India, being Financial Capital, is important for people belonging to the Finance field to know Advanced Excel Techniques. We have been associated with providing training, to Employees from Reliance PVT LTD, Price Water Coopers, Haren Sanghvi, and many other Companies for Advanced Excel in Mumbai. Over the years our trainers have trained over 1000+ people from different Corporate, for advanced Excel in Mumbai.

Lets talk about Advanced Excel Training in Mumbai

Excel Next has been providing Excel Training, which is the Corporate Training held in Mumbai held at various destinations to its promising client companies for the last few years. Our firm has been associated with, Haren Sanghvi, Saint Gobain, ATC Tires PVT Limited, PWC, Reliance Capital, Estire Research and Analytics, Liebherr, JLT, Omya, ICRA Online, EY, Gulf Oil, Vedanta.

Our firm does exceptionally well in giving Excel VBA training as well in Mumbai. The Excel VBA and Macros training in Mumbai helps the people of Mumbai to automate their daily routine and tasks by making their own Macros.

In case you wish to learn more about Excel VBA training in Mumbai, you can view our training curriculum here

Pre -Training Video

Advanced Excel Ninja Training (Level 1) | Course Outline

Program Name: Advanced Excel
Software: Microsoft Excel
Level: Basic to Intermediate (Level 1)
Duration: 6.5 effective hrs.

Learning Material: Datasets-based case studies, PDF and YouTube videos from our channel for revision

Delivery Style:

  • Hands-on practice (Demo -> Practice side-by-side).
  • First, show a demo with the problem statement and solution.
  • Then, slow down the pace to let people practice along with the Instructor.

Who is this program for?
This program is for Excel Beginners. They will get a good understanding of the essential concepts of commonly used shortcuts, lookup formulas, logical formulas, conditional aggregations, Pivot Tables, data-cleaning techniques, and date calculations.

This program aims to help users get comfortable in the day-to-day Excel operations of data analysis, data cleaning and reporting.

Pre-Training Work:
10-to-20 mins video from our YouTube channel or eLearning portal.

A: Essentials | 32 mins.

  1. Datasets – Navigation & Selection
  2. Using absolute and relative referencing – $A$1 vs $A1 vs A$1
  3. Always use SUBTOTAL() on Filtered data for sum, average, etc.
  4. Create a basic drop-down list (‘Data Validation’)

B: Data Cleaning - Part 1 | 66 mins

  1. Basics – Text to Columns, Find & Replace, Paste Special – Value
  2. Fill blank cells using Go To (Special) & Ctrl+Enter
  3. Detect formula inconsistencies using Go To (Special)
  4. Use wildcard character asterisk (*) with Find & Replace – _* vs *_
  5. Use FlashFill to clean data based on sample data patterns
  6. Retain zeroes before nos. after splitting the data using Text to Columns
  7. Project – FlashFill, SUBSTITUTE, Paste Special – Value, Text to Columns

C: Basics of VLOOKUP | 20 mins.

Note: This section can be skipped if “ALL” the learners know this topic.

  1. Basics of VLOOKUP
  2. – Lookup value or ID in the 1st column
  3. – Using $ to lock table_range ($)
  4. – 0 or FALSE for exact match
  5. – Inter-sheet or Inter-workbook VLOOKUP
  6. Lookup_value to be in the same format as the IDs in the table
  7. Cleanup solution – Text to Columns

D: Beyond Basics of VLOOKUP | 60 mins.

  1. What’s the use case of using – TRUE parameter inside VLOOKUP?
    (Slabs for Dates, Nos. and avoids complex nested IFs)
  2. Using VLOOKUP with MATCH to pull data out from a 2D pivoted table
  3. INDEX with MATCH vs. VLOOKUP – looking data on the left side

E: Aggregation | 25 mins.

  2. Using $ and choosing correct ranges (same height)
  3. Create a cell-based date range criteria with >= and <= and &

F: Logical | 21 mins.

  1. Logical means TRUE / FALSE or Boolean values (TRUE = 1 & FALSE = 0)
  2. Writing simple logical formula without using IF
  4. Combine AND/OR with IF

G: Pivot Table | 67 mins.

→ Pivot Table UI:

  1. Dataset pre-requisite – Headers
  2. Understand layout – Classic view; Row, Column, Value and Filter fields

→ Pivot Table Dashboard Tricks:

  1. Create interactive visual filter using Slicer (interactive visual filter)
  2. Conditional Formatting trick – heatmap / color scales & data bar
  3. Conditional Formatting trick – “Applying formatting rule…”
  4. Sparklines (in-cell trendline chart)
  5. PivotChart Shortcut (F11)

→ Pivot Table Analytics:

  1. Using Value field for calculations (sum, average, %)
  2. Grouping – Dates in Years, Months, etc., Numbers
  3. Grouping – Numbers in slabs such as 1-100, 101-200, etc.
  4. Double-click to drill down details in a new sheet

→ Pivot Table formatting & setup options:

  1. Sorting – from right-click options
  2. Re-order column headers – from right-click options

→ Updating Pivot Table:

  1. Change Data Source – to update additional rows / columns
  2. Using Table format (Ctrl T) – to auto-update additional rows/columns
  3. Refresh – to refresh updated values in the existing dataset

→ Essential Settings:

  1. Disable =GETPIVOTDATA() formula
  2. Show items with no data
  3. For empty cells show zero

H: Essential Date Calculations | 26 mins.

  1. Concept – How is a date stored in Excel?
  2. Concept – Why is every valid date a number? And, how to interpret it?
  3. Using Text to Columns to rectify dates (e.g., 22.08.2022)
  4. EDATE() – Calculating expiry date. E.g. 3 months contract
  5. EOMONTH() – Calculating 10th of next month for due dates.
  6. TEXT() – Extract day (“ddd”) from a date. E.g. Sun, Mon…

I: Data Cleaning - Part 2 | 20 mins.

    – Extracted numbers are stored as text. Use VALUE
  2. MID with SEARCH
  3. Overview – TRIM, LEN, UPPER, PROPER

J: QnA & Case studies practice | 45 mins.

  1. QnA & Case studies practice


Corporate Excel training is designed to help employees learn how to effectively use Excel for tasks related to their job duties. Corporate Excel training can help employees work more efficiently and effectively, and may also help improve the overall productivity of the organization.

Corporate Excel training is typically attended by employees who use Excel as part of their job duties, or who need to learn Excel for a specific project or task. This may include people in a wide range of roles, such as finance professionals, salespeople, marketing professionals, and administrative staff.

There are several benefits of corporate Excel training, including: Improved efficiency, Increased accuracy, Enhanced data analysis skills, Better teamwork, etc.

There are several ways to ensure that your employees retain the skills learned in corporate Excel training: Such as: Encourage employees to practice what they have learned, Provide ongoing support, Encourage regular use of Excel and Consider follow-up training.

There are no specific prerequisites for learning Microsoft Excel. However, having a basic understanding of computers and how to use them may be helpful. Overall, the most important prerequisite for learning Excel is a willingness to learn and a desire to become proficient with the program. With some practice and patience, anyone can learn how to use Excel effectively.


Pre-Training Prep Course Testimonials

Kapila Basnayake
Causeway Paints
Read More
It is highly appreciating the way he teaches us. We are a much more comfortable zone to understand since we are in the beginning.
Prasoon Mehra
Read More
The video and modules illustrated were good with the proper shortcuts mentioned. a great training prep.
Sanyam Kalra
Read More
This Excel Speed Training was really helpful and informative. Shortcuts were really good to know. Flash Fill. Vlookup and Pivot Table as well. Helped me get to the next level. A big thanks to PwC and Yoda Learning Team for introducing me to this course.
Harsh Bhati
Read More
It's short, and concise yet pretty informative, your way of describing things and the edits mentioning the shortcuts on the screen helped me with the learning.
Vishal Sharma
Read More
The way these sessions are planned is way more helpful than physical training in the classroom. These are very much helpful.
Chandni Lakdawala
Read More
Now I can easily and efficiently use excel. Also really good and quick coverage Of the topics.
Mohit Kumar
Read More
Pre-Training preparation is very crisp and really useful to refresh the formulas for advanced training.
Ankit Singh
Read More
All the concepts were explained very clearly and were easy to understand. The information conveyed was relevant and is really going to be handy.
Kavya Gupta
Read More
All the topics were relevant and can be used in day-to-day projects. Very insightful and informative topics were covered.


Post-Training Testimonials

Kaustubh Raul
Read More
It was a superb and 2 ways session. The trainer made it so comfortable and easy for everyone though for almost everyone this is was the very first time to be working on Power BI.
Anushree krishania
Read More
It was excellent!! Very very worthwhile to attend it. Thank you so much, and I hope to have more sessions.
Pushkar Thakur
Read More
Just excellent. Such detailed explanation and patience, Sir, has no word other than 'excellent.' When training can be tedious, Sir has made the session interactive and not just for the namesake; because it's so exciting and accurate to its name Sir has done justice to the 'advanced excel training.' Kudos!!
Chetan Nagaraju
Read More
The presenter was able to explain all aspects clearly. He was patient and was able to answer all Qs.
Chirag Jain
Read More
The session was great, and the way the trainer told things was convenient and easy to understand.
Diganta Kakati
T&A Consulting
Read More
So far, I have enjoyed the session. It was very informative and exciting. I like the pace that the trainer conducts the session. Looking forward to learning more new and exciting stuff.