Expert Interview

Ep: 011 Why are Top Multinational Companies Hiring PowerBI Professionals?

Podcast with Christian Berg (Ex-Group Product Manager – BI & analytics)

Ep: 010 How Big Data is growing big? | Power BI

Podcast with James Serra (Big Data/Data Warehouse Evangelist at Microsoft)

Ep: 009 BI with Power BI: How to get jobs in BI Cloud Space? | BI

Podcast with Jason McKittrick (Data Platform Architect with Microsoft)

Ep: 008 BI will change to ____ in 10 years | Business Intelligence

Podcast with Brian Mardon (BI Solutions Architect at IBM)

Ep: 007 Machine Learning for Non-coders | AI Frameworks

Podcast with Chandni Sharma (Cloud engineer & Big Data Scientist)

Ep: 006 Why PowerBI is not an Excel Murderer and how to master it?

Podcast with Manik Pandita (Sr. Consultant at Capgemini)

Ep: 005 Machine Learning Myth Vs Reality

Podcast with Ben Taylor (Ex-Intel, Ex-Hirevue)

Ep: 004 Get Started with Data Science For GIS and Ecology

Podcast with Minerva Singh (MPhil. University of Oxford and Ph.D. Graduate, University of Cambridge)

Ep: 003 Future & Scope of Deep Learning

Podcast with Frank Kane (Ex-Amazon, Ex-IMDB)

Ep: 002 How to get started with Big Data? | Big Data

Podcast with Michael Enudi (Professional at Structure IT)

Ep: 001 Combination Of Data Science & Drones

Podcast with Pulkit Jaiswal
(CEO of SwarmX & CTO of Garuda Robotics)