Excel Training in Middle East

We conduct Microsoft Excel Training programs in Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Muscat, etc. Our programs are supported by videos, blogs, eBook, relevant industry experience.

We customize Microsoft Excel training programs as per:

  1. Beginner: Sort, Filter, VLookup, Shortcuts
  2. Intermediate: Sumifs, Countifs, VLookup with Match, Pivot Table, Text & Date Functions
  3. Advanced: Index with Match, What if Analysis, Charts

Customization Example: (1) Microsoft Excel function “NETWORKDAYS.INTL” allows the user to customize the weekend as per Friday / Saturday and help calculate the number of business days between a start date and end date.

Similarly, Microsoft Excel function “WORKDAY.INTL” will help find the deadline date assuming Friday / Saturday to be the weekend.

This customization will be valuable for tracking projects based in Dubai. In locations such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Muscat, etc., Friday and Saturday are excluded from business days computation.

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    Top 10 must know Excel Tricks:

    1. FlashFill: Ctrl + E – v. 2013
    2. Excel COM Add-in: Inquire (Compare Spreadsheets, Clean Excess Cell Formatting, Diagram) – v. 2013
    3. Remove Password using a Notepad
    4. Sparklines (chart inside a cell) – v. 2010
    7. INDEX + MATCH
    8. Go To (Special) with Ctrl + Enter
    9. Array Formula for MAXIFS and MINIFS – (Ctrl Shift Enter)
    10. Macros – How to find relevant VBA codes on Google and apply for them

    Our online courses on Microsoft Excel Training are watched by users from Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Muscat, etc.

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