How to select the right Microsoft PowerPoint Trainer?

We have conducted Advanced PowerPoint Ninja training in Mumbai, Gurgaon, New Delhi, Bangalore etc. Our experience will help you choose the right training partner and delivery roadmap.

Don’t choose a Vendor on the lowest quotation. Know why?

  • You MUST ask for their sample case studies and eBook. A structured set of case studies ensures that the learners don’t waste time in doing basic layout creation tasks in the training. E.g. To teach how SmartArt works, the unprepared trainer will ask all to write 3-4 lines on a slide. Please fill in the web form to receive the course outline and case studies.

    It’s your RIGHT to ask for the PowerPoint case studies before you finalize the training partner. It will help you decide better.

  • What kind of post-training support do they provide? E.g. Videos for revision, Email support, Email updates.
  • Do they update their course content frequently? Does the Trainer know how to create button triggered animation? Does the Trainer how to create a Magnifier effect or how to convert a font (Arial, Wingdings) in to shapes to create more creative visuals?
  • Please ask for clients list (a) from last 3 months and (b) who provide repeat training assignments. Click here to read about training success stories across diverse sectors and companies
  • Don’t compare them just on the prices. In a bid to save INR 5000 – 7000, you end up losing more.
  • Do they provide access (with or without additional fee) to post-training revision Videos? Without reinforcement, the learning would start to wear off in a week’s time.
  • Do you feel that the Trainer’s proposal document of Course Outline is badly formatted? If so, how can you expect them to teach your group members?
  • Do they take examples from real life reports – Annual Report, Investor Presentations, Research Reports? If Yes, it should reflect in their case studies.

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