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Dig into our interactive library, discover and check out your knowledge for Alteryx. Alteryx Training will help in Revolutionizing Business through Data Science and Analytics.

Alteryx is an advanced data analysis program. A Platform for self-service Data Analytics. The tool is perfectly mapped to curtail the efforts required to pull data analysis. You get to simplify the process of accessing and inter-blending data from multiple data sources. Alteryx helps us to overcome Excel limitations

Everyone wants to forget about the Manual Entries and automate the end-to-end workflow from Data Prep to Machine Learning for Business-Critical Insights.

Alteryx is a platform which will help you unify the analytic experience and allows data analysts and scientists alike to break the barriers to faster insights. Alteryx Training will let you conduct Predictive Analytics for an intuitive workflow. This could be for data blending or advanced analytics.

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    Excel Next is popular for Corporate Training in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Kolkata, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai and Gujarat.

    We offer training courses to learners, companies and consultants so that they can meet all the challenges they face while dealing with their respective technologies.

    Few of our reassuring clients are Exl Service, Flipkart, Wildcraft, PWC, Tata Motors and Consulates of Canada in Bangalore where we provide Trainings on Regular basis.

    Application Developers, Business users such as business analysts, data analysts, business Intelligence experts using Excel, Access, visualization and Business Intelligence tools should take Alteryx Training.

    Alteryx grants Analysts with the unique ability to easily track down, prep, blend and analyze all of their data by utilizing a repeatable workflow. This is later used to deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights in hours, not weeks.

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    Course Outline

    Program Name: Alteryx
    Software Application: Alteryx Designer with R-based Predictive tools
    Level: Beginner to Intermediate (Level 1 to 2)
    Duration: 2 days

    Note:  “This program is ideal for Beginners / 1st time users, who aim:

    * to use Alteryx to make visually rich and insightful dashboards
    * to perform statistical and predictive analysis
    * to efficiently blend data and create advanced analytics through intuitive workflows
    * to deliver deeper insights in hours”

    * What is Alteryx?
    * Why Alteryx? Benefits of using Alteryx
    * Alteryx products
    * Excel vs. Alteryx
    * Alteryx Designer workspace
    * Alteryx tricks (FAQs) with best practices

    * Introduction
    * Components
    * Tool palettes (Inc Favorite)
    * User environment and settings
    * Building workflow
    * Change tool functions
    * Run the workflow
    * Alteryx tricks (FAQs) with best practices

    * Connecting to text, Excel, Access, SQL files, and more…
    * Write back to the original data source
    * Merging multiple data sources
    * Pasting from a clipboard
    * Understanding data types

    • String
    • Numeric
    • DateTime
    • Boolean
    • Spatial

    * Best practices

    * Using Browse tool to:

    • Split your views between tabs
    • Select a cell and find out more about it in the cell viewer
    • Identify special characters in your data
    • How to compare a couple of browses
    • Data profiling in the Browse tool

    * Using Select tool to:

    • Rename fields
    • Re-order fields
    • Change the data type
    • Remove or add a prefix or suffix
    • Remove empty columns which you don’t want
    • Limit the amount of fields in a data stream”

    * Using Data Cleansing tool to:

    • Replace nulls
    • Modifying the case of your fields
    • Remove unwanted characters across any fields

    * Using Formula tool to:

    • Convert two digit years into a different format that can be interpreted correctly
    • Converting Serial Numbers to Time
    • Using Formula tool instead of Data Cleansing to clean your data
    • Fuzzy match process with the Formula tool for more accurate matching
    • Remove leading zeros from your data
    • Flip the sign of numbers

    * Using Generate Row tool to:

    • Create sequences of numbers or dates
    • Create new rows of data at the record level

    * Using Multi-Field Formula tool to:

    • Multiply 1-N fields by 1,000

    * Using Multi-Row Formula tool to:

    • Filling in a table
    • Capture the sum of running totals group by key

    * Using Random % Sample tool to:

    • Pass a value
    • Select multiple samples
    • Do random sampling by group

    * Using Record ID tool to:
    “Assign a sequence to the data

    • Split your output into multiple files to specify precise record counts”

    * Using Auto Field tool to:

    • Reduce the size of your table
    • Optimize workflows by minimizing field types and sizes
    • Get rid of the null value
    • Quickly normalize the data you’re joining on

    * Using Imputational tool to:

    • Replacing nulls with the field mean, median, mode, constant
    • Impute missing data values with a custom formula

    * Using Tile tool to:

    • It can create a “group by” record ID
    • It can identify unique values
    • Splitting your data set
    • Binning numeric values in your data set”

    * Using Unique tool to:

    • Combine with a sort to find the original version or latest version of versioned data
    • Remove duplicate records
    • Sort records from highest to lowest

    * Alteryx tricks (FAQs) with best practices

    * Using Filter tool to:

    • Perform basic and custom filter
    • Query a column with there inputs
    • Filter out the records for containing values in the “numeric field” column
    • Know the birthdates of the patients between ? and ?”

    * Using Sort tool to:

    • Splitting records to make workflow process quicker
    • Assign a sequence to the data
    • Split your output into multiple files to specify precise record counts
    • Identifying duplicate record Id’s
    • Generate 2 digit record ID

    * Alteryx tricks (FAQs) with best practices

    * Using Summarize tool to:

    • Dynamically select columns
    • Reshape your data
    • Dynamically select fields
    • Pick all numeric fields

    * Using Arrange tool to:

    • Manually transpose and rearrange your data
    • Combine multiple fields into a single target field

    * Using Cross Tab tool to:

    • Performing calculations dynamically for any number of fields
    • Crosstab records based on column names
    • Cross Tab One Field
    • Alphabetize my columns
    • Reporting table tool

    * Using Running Total tool to:

    • Create a moving running total
    • Running total with a maxium
    • Run Total for A/R balances for months with no activity”

    * Using Transpose tool to:

    • Summarize rows
    • Reshape the data and pivot the cross-tab
    • Pivoting the data “

    * Alteryx tricks (FAQs) with best practices

    * Using Append tool to:

    • Roll over Excel Spreadsheets (Append data into existing file and save as a new file)
    • How to append the data into a hidden sheet
    • Add an append fields component to the IN-Database components
    • Append single row table to table columns
    • Adding column with new data”

    * Using Find and Replace tool to:

    • Simplify parsing
    • Add a new field with matching values
    • Find records where specific IDs are referenced within a free text field
    • Replace the whole string with the value from lookup table

    * Using Join tool to:

    • Joining by by record position
    • Joining by fields where only one has unique records
    • Joining by fields that both have non-unique records

    Use cases like: Date to Date, Prod Cat to Product Category, Channel Name to Type

    * Introduction
    * Using Table tool to:

    • Creating pivot tables
    • Replicating merged Excel cell format to add sub headers and sub fields
    • Group a column
    • Cross tab the data
    • Formatting tables of raw data
    • Indent with Reporting > Table tool”

    * Using Render tool to:

    • Output different tables to multiple tabs in Excel
    • Render 3 tables into a single Excel sheet into separate tabs
    • Write multiple Excel files with multiple tabs
    • Remove filename field and use special characters
    • Download and create images from the web”

    * Using Email tool to:

    • Sending automated emails
    • Report output in the body of the email
    • Add field value to body
    • Attach a dynamic named excel file
    • Email customized reports to a list of users

    * Using Interactive Chart tool to:

    • Visualizing a data set
    • Make a waterfall chart
    • Create a new layer with a type of Box and Whisker

    * Using Report Text tool to:

    • Create a Layout for your header line
    • Attach a header or footer to another reporting snippet including a Layout tool
    • Set the color theme in the background of a table cell”

    * Using Report Header tool to:
    “Add report to add a header text, dates, image to the report output

    • Include logos in document headers
    • Formatting into a table with a header and a particular font”

    * Using Report Footer tool to:

    • Add page numbers to a report
    • Add a dynamic field
    • Reference copyright disclaimers in a report
    • Include other important disclaimers or referential information in your reports”

    * Using Layout tool to:

    • Intuitively organize reporting elements
    • Create and automate custom reports (and other documents) with graphics, maps, charts, tables, text, and more
    • Create summary tables with a report

    * Using Comment tool to:

    • Jot down notes, explain processes and share external references
    • Shape the box, color & align the text, and specify a background image
    • Add images such as Logos to the workflow

    * Using Explorer Box tool to:

    • Attach files you want to include in explorer boxes to your workflow
    • View that the explorer box is working properly”

    * Using Tool Container tool to:

    • Splitting up the data into different sections
    • Disabling parts of your workflow to test other sections

    * Alteryx tricks (FAQs) with best practices

    Program Name: Alteryx
    Software Application: Alteryx Designer with R-based Predictive tools
    Level: Advanced (L3)
    Duration: 1 day

    Note: This program is ideal for users who have completed our 2-days workshop and spent hands-on practice after the workshop.

    FastTrack Recap of L1 & L2 concepts
    (IMPORTANT: This recap session can stretch to 120 mins. if participants have not done hands-on practice after the 2-day workshop)

    * Using Join Multiple tool to:

    • Join 5 sheets from excel all with the common denominator of employee ID
    • Join Multiple table with identical join criteria
    • Join Multiple table with different join criteria
    • Connecting to specific cells in Excel

    * Using Fuzzy Match tool to:

    • Fuzzy match by the names
    • Merging two datasets and identifying redundant records
    • Performing string comparisons, cleaning, and keyword matches
    • Fuzzy match email to name

    * Using Union tool to:

    • Blend data from 2 excel files using Union tool
    • Create new column with standard value
    • Union three columns

    * Alteryx tricks (FAQs) with best practices

    * Using DateTime tool to:

    • Calculating the number of days that have elapsed since a start date
    • Calculate business days between dates
    • Convert serial numbers into standard date format
    • Converting Strings to Date/Time format
    • Convert a DateTime field to either UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) or Local Time with DateTimeToLocal() and DateTimeToUTC()

    * Using RegEx tool:

    • Converting a string with a $ sign into a number
    • Find and replace leading zeros
    • Removing unwanted data
    • Scrape web data and create tokens
    • Split a string field into two fields

    * Using Text to Column to:

    • Split a string field into two fields
    • Make your workflow dynamic
    • Searching for keywords

    * Alteryx tricks (FAQs) with best practices

    * Introduction
    * Using Browse In-DB tool to:

    • Make the flow of operation really faster
    • Cache the data as a .yxdb file when the workflow is running
    • See the progress of data along the workflow during its run

    * Using Select-DB tool to:

    • Rename and re-sequence fields
    • Eliminate unnecessary fields
    • Modify data types

    * Using Filter In-DB tool to:

    • Filter the data by a specific product, brand or service
    • Query records and return those records that meet the specified criteria (location, brand, or product SKU, or to filter out null values)

    * Using Formula In-DB tool to:

    • Create new data fields or update existing fields
    • Create a compound key or attribute (the Concatenate function is required)
    • Remove outliers and noisy data

    * Using Join In-DB tool to:

    • Blend a huge table in Oracle with a small Excel file
    • Combine datasets based on common fields or record position
    • Combining data streams based on common fields
    • Summarize TRANSACTIONS from one database and use that data to join with your customer data in another DB

    * How to set up the Data Stream In tool
    * Using Data Stream In tool to

    • Push the data into the database
    • Create or update a table directly in the database

    * Using Summarize In-DB tool to:

    • Group, sum, and count distinct fields
    • Get the maximum row number and then find the median by selecting joining back to half the value
    • Summarize the data by key groups such as “country”

    * Using Sample In-DB tool to:

    • Sort by the RandomID field
    • Limit the amount of data records, optimizing runtime and throughput

    * Using Write Data In-DB tool to:

    • Limit the replication of datasets
    • Write data from in-DB tool into a database

    * Alteryx tricks (FAQs) with best practices

    * Introduction to Predictive tools and R Code
    * Using ARIMA tool to:

    • Generating a sales forecast for a product category
    • Airlines booking using TS plot
    • Forecasting weekly sales data”

    * Using ETS tool to:

    • Set up a forecast of the ordered units that will be cancelled compared to the initial orderbook
    • Predict the sales for a period of 12 months of the given year

    * Using TS Compare tool to:

    • Convert existing weekly sales data for last 2 year to exponential time series form and use the converted data for further analysis using other tools

    * Using Dynamic Input tool to:

    • Passing information through a Dynamic Input tool
    • Work with different tab / worksheet names”

    Major benefits of Alteryx

    With Alteryx you can:

    Do advanced analytics and data blending at Scale
    Collects data and finds the key insights from the internet
    Present the analysts with an intuitive workflow
    It points to wider understanding in hours and not the week’s normal traditional approaches
    Finds out the Business insights and save you hours of time and effort
    Do Spatial and predictive analytics
    Think about the decision to be made and the information needed to support the decision
    Provide the exact information needed to inform and support the decision
    Get yourself introduced to programming with ‘No Coding requirement’

    In the Alteryx Training, you’ll get to learn: Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server, Alteryx Connect and Gallery.

    This leads to deeper insights from traditional approach. With Alteryx Designer you’ve a  platform that allows quick processing of large volumes of data with no requirements of writing any code.

    Learn Alteryx and get an exposure to industry based real-time projects. Enroll for the Alteryx Training and become a Certified Alteryx Expert.

    Excel Next provides Alteryx Corporate Training which is for Advanced Analytics and Data Blending Capabilities. It offers better and wider Understanding just in hours. Alteryx Analytics fixes the power of the new world with user predictive analytics and data towards the hands of each analyst

    Not just this much. Alteryx can do some Pretty Amazing things.

    It lets you have frequent Brainstorming sessions on Storyboards with your Team-Mates.  Create brand new Badges and a Rank Structure for your Company. Develop applications at Home or get some Research done. This is all Possible with Alteryx.

    Flexible learning on your schedule. Accelerate your Future. Learn anytime, anywhere with the Highly Qualified Trainers and Real-time Experts of Alteryx.

    Excel Next Caters in-depth course material which supports Real Time Scenarios of each topic with its Solutions for Alteryx Online Training.

    Alteryx  Training runs in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai and also in Goa India.

    Join hands with our Alteryx Masters who’ll love to train you and make you an Alteryx Expert. Whether you’re looking for customized onsite Alteryx training for a private group or for an Instructor-led Training online, Excel Next would be the Best Option. We also provide training in Excel, PowerPoint, VBA, Outlook and other office productivity module.

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