Power BI Visualisation participants across Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nasik, Ahmedabad, etc.

Power BI is a data visualization tool that allows you to create interactive and visually appealing reports and dashboards. It provides a range of built-in visualizations, as well as the ability to create custom visualizations using the Power BI Visualization API.

Overall, Power BI is a powerful tool for creating and sharing interactive data visualizations, and it is widely used by business analysts, data scientists, and other professionals who need to communicate data insights effectively.

With the aim of equipping with this Ninja-level power. We have developed a 1-day workshop, which has been conducted at prestigious companies, including PwC, EY, ITC, Coca-Cola, Flipkart, Asian Paints, etc.

Pre -Training Video

Power BI - Visualization | Course Outline

Program Name: Power BI – Basics
Software: MS Power BI Desktop
Level: Basic to Intermediate
Duration: 8 hrs.

Learning Material: Datasets-based case studies, PDF and YouTube videos from our channel for revision

Delivery Style:

  • Hands-on practice (Demo -> Practice side-by-side).
  • First, show a demo with the problem statement and solution.
  • Then, slow down the pace to let people practice along with the Instructor.

Who is this program for?
MUST have completed the program on Power Query before attending this program.

Objectives: By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  1. Use Power Query – for data preparation – both in Excel and Power BI Desktop
  2. Use Visuals and Formatting features – for data visualisation, report preparation, and adding interactivity
  3. Get an overview of Power BI Service – UI, Publishing, and Sharing

Important Note: This is a hands-on practice based workshop. Learners are expected to complete the program pre-requisites before the start of the program.

Program Pre-requisite:

  1. Download and Install Power BI Desktop (free) from this Microsoft link (PBIDesktopSetup_x64.exe):
  2. Download the detailed case studies and PDF material from the link that will be shared in the email.
  3. 25-mins ‘Pre-Training Prep’ video course:

A: Overview of the User Interface ("UI") | 10 mins.

Power BI Desktop’s UI: Visuals and Report formatting:

  1. Left-side Panel: Report (Dashboard), Data (Tables), Relationships
  2. Right-side Panel: Filter, Visuals (Field, Format, Analytics), Fields
  3. Ribbon Tabs
  4. File format – PBIX

B: Power Query - Part 1 | 100 mins.

  1. Case Study: Input vs Output – What if you do this in Excel? (Intro_Exercise)
  2. Power Query’s role in data preparation & steps automation
  3. Power BI Desktop > Get Data & Transform tab
  4. General UI of Power Query – View Formula, Query Settings (Undo)
  5. Remove Other Columns
  6. Promote Headers
  7. Basics – Icon of Data Type (Left of column header)
  8. Remove Blank Rows
  9. Ctrl A & Remove Duplicates (single column vs. multi-column selection)
  10. UnPivot (cross-tab to flat-file)
  11. Why Pivot Table loves FlatFile? E.g., Grouping
  12. Rename Column Headers
  13. Merge Columns (~Contcatenate) vs. Column from Examples (~FlashFill)
  14. Custom Column – Basics
  15. Custom Column – Google search – power query custom column formula to …
  16. Check the impact of Data Type [ABC123] – ∑
  17. Conditional Column for Nested IFs (Low-Medium-High)
  18. Count Rows
  19. Duplicate Query (vs. Reference)
  20. GroupBy (based on Low-Medium-High)
  21. Copy Entire Table (1000 rows only)
  22. Close & Apply
  23. Copy the codes from “Advanced Query Editor”
  24. Copy Paste M-Query in Excel’s Power Query (Advanced Editor & Blank Query)
  25. Go to Excel -> Data tab -> Get Data -> From Other Sources -> Blank Query
  26. Load to… [Table vs Pivot Table]
  27. Queries & Connections
  28. Right-click on Query -> Refresh, Load to, Edit = Launch Power Query Editor
  29. Demo: Format – Trim, Clean, Case Change; Fill Down, Split to Rows; Replace Values

C: Power Query - Part 2 | 120 mins.

Case Study – Consolidate data using Append, Merge Queries:
(3y_Sales – annual sales files i.e., 2016,2017,2018… in a Folder)

Importing data from a Folder with multiple Excel files
Note: Column Header Names & Case have to be same. **
** Self-reference guide (PPT with video links) provided for advanced / complex cases

Merge Queries vs. Append Queries

Advantages over VLOOKUP:

  1. Handle Speed & Volume: Can work on >1 mn rows
  2. Expand the table to give multiple output-columns in the same step unlike VLOOKUP
  3. Can do concatenated VLOOKUP – e.g., Lookup with 2 columns – ‘Region’ & ‘Cust_Type’
  4. Multiple JOIN Types such as – Left Outer, Inner, Full Outer
  5. Fuzzy Merge for spelling differences (Jerry M. Campbell vs Jery Cambell)
  6. Can do reverse lookup unlike VLOOKUP

Common Blunders – Unwanted extra rows generated:

  1. PQ is case sensitive
  2. Using Duplicate IDs while doing Merge Queries (Cartesian Product)

D: Creating a Power BI report | 120 mins.


  1. List, Dropdown
  2. Orientation (List) for Horizontal tiles; Single Select, Select all

Common Formatting Options of Visuals – using Card Visual:

  1. Size (text)
  2. Display Units
  3. Value Decimal places
  4. Shadow
  5. Label
  6. Calculation of Fields (Sum, Count, DistinctCount)

Clustered Column:

  1. Label
  2. Dashed average line with Label
  3. Conditional Formatting – for spotting patterns (DistinctCount of Customers)

Tricks – Visualization, Interactivity, Data Exploration:

  1. Edit Interactions – Control Interactions between Visuals (Controller vs Controlled)
  2. Edit Interactions – Filter vs Highlight vs None
  3. Small Multiples
  4. Horizontal Bar Chart with TopN Filter
  5. Treemap
  6. Demo – Custom Visuals from Marketplace – Calendar Heatmap (Tallan)
  7. Refer our videos on data exploration


  1. It’s like Pivot Table
  2. Disable Subtotals (Row & Column)
  3. Conditional Formatting like Rules along with Advanced Controls
  4. Data Bars (Show Bar only) with +/-, Background Color for Heatmap, Icons


  1. Filter levels – Report level vs Page level vs Visual level [^ if time permits]
  2. Custom Tooltip – On hover visuals [^ if time permits]
  3. Publish and Share a Power BI report

E: Recap, QnA & Next Steps for Learning | 30 mins.

DAX & Basics of Data Modelling


Power BI is a data visualization and business intelligence tool that allows users to create interactive reports and dashboards.

Corporate Power BI training is typically attended by a variety of professionals, including business analysts, data analysts, data scientists, and other professionals who are responsible for creating and sharing data insights within their organization.

Corporate Power BI training can help professionals develop the skills and knowledge they need to effectively use Power BI to create, present, and communicate data insights within their organization.

It’s important to create a supportive environment that encourages your employees to continue learning and practicing their Power BI skills after the training has ended. This can help them retain the skills they learned and continue to improve their proficiency with the tool.

  1. Download and Install Power BI Desktop (free) from this Microsoft link (PBIDesktopSetup_x64.exe):
  2. Download the detailed case studies and PDF material from the link that will be shared in the email.
  3. 25-mins ‘Pre-Training Prep’ video course:


Pre-Training Prep Course Testimonials

Kapila Basnayake
Causeway Paints
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It is highly appreciating the way he teaches us. We are a much more comfortable zone to understand since we are in the beginning.
Prasoon Mehra
Read More
The video and modules illustrated were good with the proper shortcuts mentioned. a great training prep.
Sanyam Kalra
Read More
This Excel Speed Training was really helpful and informative. Shortcuts were really good to know. Flash Fill. Vlookup and Pivot Table as well. Helped me get to the next level. A big thanks to PwC and Yoda Learning Team for introducing me to this course.
Harsh Bhati
Read More
It's short, and concise yet pretty informative, your way of describing things and the edits mentioning the shortcuts on the screen helped me with the learning.
Vishal Sharma
Read More
The way these sessions are planned is way more helpful than physical training in the classroom. These are very much helpful.
Chandni Lakdawala
Read More
Now I can easily and efficiently use excel. Also really good and quick coverage Of the topics.
Mohit Kumar
Read More
Pre-Training preparation is very crisp and really useful to refresh the formulas for advanced training.
Ankit Singh
Read More
All the concepts were explained very clearly and were easy to understand. The information conveyed was relevant and is really going to be handy.
Kavya Gupta
Read More
All the topics were relevant and can be used in day-to-day projects. Very insightful and informative topics were covered.


Post-Training Testimonials

Kaustubh Raul
Read More
It was a superb and 2 ways session. The trainer made it so comfortable and easy for everyone though for almost everyone this is was the very first time to be working on Power BI.
Anushree krishania
Read More
It was excellent!! Very very worthwhile to attend it. Thank you so much, and I hope to have more sessions.
Pushkar Thakur
Read More
Just excellent. Such detailed explanation and patience, Sir, has no word other than 'excellent.' When training can be tedious, Sir has made the session interactive and not just for the namesake; because it's so exciting and accurate to its name Sir has done justice to the 'advanced excel training.' Kudos!!
Chetan Nagaraju
Read More
The presenter was able to explain all aspects clearly. He was patient and was able to answer all Qs.
Chirag Jain
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The session was great, and the way the trainer told things was convenient and easy to understand.
Diganta Kakati
T&A Consulting
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So far, I have enjoyed the session. It was very informative and exciting. I like the pace that the trainer conducts the session. Looking forward to learning more new and exciting stuff.