Power Query for Excel and Power BI participants across Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nasik, Ahmedabad, etc.

Power Query is a data manipulation tool that allows you to import, transform, and automate data processing tasks in Excel and Power BI. 

Overall, Power Query is a valuable tool for anyone looking to work with large amounts of data in Excel or Power BI. It makes it easy to import, transform, and automate data processing tasks, helping you extract insights and build better reports and dashboards.

With the aim of equipping with this Ninja-level power. We have developed a 1-day workshop, which has been conducted at prestigious companies, including PwC, EY, ITC, Coca-Cola, Flipkart, Asian Paints, etc.

Pre -Training Video

Power Query for Excel and Power BI | Course Outline

Program Name: Power Query for Excel and Power BI
Software: MS Excel with Power Query (Data tab -> Transform section on the left)
Power BI Desktop can also be used for practicing the case studies.
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Duration: 6.5 effective hrs.

Learning Material: Datasets-based case studies, PDF and YouTube videos from our channel for revision

Delivery Style:

  • Hands-on practice (Demo -> Practice side-by-side).
  • First, show a demo with the problem statement and solution.
  • Then, slow down the pace to let people practice along with the Instructor.

Who is this program for?

This program is for – Intermediate to Advanced Excel users or Beginner users of Power BI – esp. those who wish to automate their reporting and consolidation in Excel OR Power BI, respectively.

Power Query tool will allow you access & analyse data files beyond Excel’s 1mn rows limit. It’s used for ETL automation. This program focusses on the most essential concepts of PQ. The program does not cover coding (M-Query).


This program aims to help users get comfortable in the day-to-day working in Power Query. Essential concepts – Create queries with repeatable steps, Merge Queries, Append Queries, Fuzzy Match, Unpivot, Split to rows, etc.

Pre-Training Work:

25 mins video course from our eLearning portal.

A: Introduction | 10 mins.

WHY Excel or Power BI users need Power Query?

  1. Data Preparation (ETL) & Automation
  2. Analyze LARGE data quickly using PQ (Excel or PowerBI)

B: Introduction to the UI of - Power Query Editor in Excel & Power BI | 30 mins

Accessing Power Query Editor in Excel / Power BI and overview of UI:

  1. Accessing PQ in Power BI – Transform Data
  2. Accessing PQ in Excel – Data tab – Transform
  3. Queries & Connections
  4. Right Click features – Edit, Load to, Refresh
  5. Load to… [Pivot Table, Connections only, Table]

How to navigate Power Query Editor panels and features:

  1. View – Formula Bar (M-Query)
  2. Using Applied Steps – to Undo
  3. Duplicate Queries
  4. Important Considerations: Data type, Case sensitive nature

C: Using Power Query Editor - for Data Preparation - Part 1 | 105 mins.

  1. Importing data from standalone Excel and CSV files

Single case study with 10+ essential data transformation features:

  1. Remove Rows – Duplicate, Blank
  2. Remove Columns – Remove other columns
  3. Promote Headers
  4. UnPivot Column(s) – Convert cross-tab data set into flat file
  5. Add Column – Column from examples (~FlashFill)
  6. Add Column – Custom (Google – power query custom formula to ___ )
  7. Add Column – Conditional (~Nested IFs)
  8. Aggregation – Group By (Basic & Advanced)
  9. Quick Checks – Count Rows
  10. Importance of data types (decimal, whole no., text, etc.)
  11. Refresh Query
  12. General guidelines on how to debug errors

D: Using Power Query Editor - for Data Preparation - Part 2 | 140 mins.

  1. Combine Queries = Append Queries vs. Merge Queries
  2. Importing data from a Folder with multiple Excel files
  3. Append Queries – Consolidate yearly sales files (e.g. 2016,2017,2018…) from a Folder
  4. Note: Column Names AND CASE have to be same.
  5. Links to videos for advanced cases of Append Queries

Merge Queries – advantages over VLOOKUP:

  1. Expand the table to give multiple output-columns in the same step
  2. Can work on >1 mn rows – Speed & Volume
  3. Can do reverse lookup
  4. Can give >1 output column unlike VLOOKUP
  5. Can do concatenated VLOOKUP
  6. JOIN Types – Left Outer, Inner, etc.

Common issues with Merge Queries:

  1. PQ is case sensitive – Sol 1 = Case Change (and Trim)
  2. PQ is case sensitive – Sol 2 = Fuzzy Merge with threshold as 1 and Ignore Case option
  3. PQ generates extra rows if primary keys have duplicates (Cartesian Product)
  4. Need for Unpivot Column for doing ‘Concatenated Lookup’
  5. Fuzzy Merge for spelling mismatches – Rajeev Pvt Ltd vs. Rajiv (I) Pvt. Ltd.

E: Other notable features | 93 mins.


  1. Checking Data Quality using – Column Distribution, Column Profile, Column Quality
  2. Duplicate Queries (indepenedent) vs Reference Queries (dependent)
  3. Enable Load

Data Transformation:

  1. Format – Trim, Clean, Case Change
  2. Merge Columns (~Contactenate)
  3. Extract, Replace Values
  4. Split Column (incl. Split to Rows)
  5. Fill Down
  6. Pivot – Don’t Aggregate feature
  7. Transpose

Parametrization of Data Source


Corporate Excel training is designed to help employees learn how to effectively use Excel for tasks related to their job duties. Corporate Excel training can help employees work more efficiently and effectively, and may also help improve the overall productivity of the organization.

Corporate Excel training is typically attended by employees who use Excel as part of their job duties, or who need to learn Excel for a specific project or task. This may include people in a wide range of roles, such as finance professionals, salespeople, marketing professionals, and administrative staff.

There are several benefits of corporate Excel training, including: Improved efficiency, Increased accuracy, Enhanced data analysis skills, Better teamwork, etc.

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There are no specific prerequisites for learning Microsoft Excel. However, having a basic understanding of computers and how to use them may be helpful. Overall, the most important prerequisite for learning Excel is a willingness to learn and a desire to become proficient with the program. With some practice and patience, anyone can learn how to use Excel effectively.


Pre-Training Prep Course Testimonials

Kapila Basnayake
Causeway Paints
Read More
It is highly appreciating the way he teaches us. We are a much more comfortable zone to understand since we are in the beginning.
Prasoon Mehra
Read More
The video and modules illustrated were good with the proper shortcuts mentioned. a great training prep.
Sanyam Kalra
Read More
This Excel Speed Training was really helpful and informative. Shortcuts were really good to know. Flash Fill. Vlookup and Pivot Table as well. Helped me get to the next level. A big thanks to PwC and Yoda Learning Team for introducing me to this course.
Harsh Bhati
Read More
It's short, and concise yet pretty informative, your way of describing things and the edits mentioning the shortcuts on the screen helped me with the learning.
Vishal Sharma
Read More
The way these sessions are planned is way more helpful than physical training in the classroom. These are very much helpful.
Chandni Lakdawala
Read More
Now I can easily and efficiently use excel. Also really good and quick coverage Of the topics.
Mohit Kumar
Read More
Pre-Training preparation is very crisp and really useful to refresh the formulas for advanced training.
Ankit Singh
Read More
All the concepts were explained very clearly and were easy to understand. The information conveyed was relevant and is really going to be handy.
Kavya Gupta
Read More
All the topics were relevant and can be used in day-to-day projects. Very insightful and informative topics were covered.


Post-Training Testimonials

Kaustubh Raul
Read More
It was a superb and 2 ways session. The trainer made it so comfortable and easy for everyone though for almost everyone this is was the very first time to be working on Power BI.
Anushree krishania
Read More
It was excellent!! Very very worthwhile to attend it. Thank you so much, and I hope to have more sessions.
Pushkar Thakur
Read More
Just excellent. Such detailed explanation and patience, Sir, has no word other than 'excellent.' When training can be tedious, Sir has made the session interactive and not just for the namesake; because it's so exciting and accurate to its name Sir has done justice to the 'advanced excel training.' Kudos!!
Chetan Nagaraju
Read More
The presenter was able to explain all aspects clearly. He was patient and was able to answer all Qs.
Chirag Jain
Read More
The session was great, and the way the trainer told things was convenient and easy to understand.
Diganta Kakati
T&A Consulting
Read More
So far, I have enjoyed the session. It was very informative and exciting. I like the pace that the trainer conducts the session. Looking forward to learning more new and exciting stuff.