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Advanced PowerPoint training participants across Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, New Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nasik, Ahmedabad etc. ask us – What is “PowerPoint Ninja”?

This is what we have to say:

Which working professional or undergraduate/post-graduate student hasn’t worked with PowerPoint? Most of us have learned using the software through “trial-and-error” or “let-see-what-happens-if-we-click-that-button”? What we could not learn is using a combination of different techniques. PowerPoint Ninja training is meant for Professionals who have been using PowerPoint since their College days and improve on “Aesthetics, Speed and Presentability in their presentations. The 1-day workshop covers:

Storytelling with PowerPoint Presentations | Course Outline

Program Name: Storytelling with PowerPoint Presentations
Software: Microsoft PowerPoint
Level: Intermediate to Advanced (L2 and L3)
Duration: 6.5 effective hrs.

Learning Material: Datasets-based case studies, PDF and YouTube videos from our channel for revision

Delivery Style:

  • Hands-on practice (Demo -> Practice side-by-side).
  • First, show a demo with the problem statement and solution.
  • Then, slow down the pace to let people practice along with the Instructor.

Objectives: This program focuses on helping users to use shortcuts & tricks to work faster and present data effectively.

Excluded in this program: Charts-practice (1.0 hr – 4.5 hrs.), Animation (45 mins.), Brand-guidelines

A: Brush-up PowerPoint Basics | 20 mins.

→ Learning Objectives: Ensure that ALL participants are aware of the basics early-on in the session:

  1. Create Text Box, Shape, Table
  2. Editing a Shape’s Color (Fill, Transparency), Outline (Weight, Dashed)
  3. Editing a Font’s Color, Size
  4. Use Format Painter (double-click)
  5. Using Eyedropper as ColorPicker

B: Essential PowerPoint Shortcuts for Visualization | 100 mins.

→ Learning Objectives: Learn the MOST important shortcuts that will be re-used frequently.

  1. Creating perfect symmetrical shapes (straight lines, circle, square) – Shift
  2. Create symmetrically aligned duplicates in 4 directions – Shift Ctrl
  3. Create symmetrically aligned duplicates in any directions – Ctrl
  4. Using SmartGuides (v. 2013) for alignment
  5. Use cases of Group & UnGroup – Ctrl G vs Ctrl Shift G
  6. Using the components of a SmartArt. E.g. teethed wheel, funnel – Ctrl Shift G twice
  7. Rotate objects with 100% precision – Alt arrow keys
  8. Better substitute of “Format Painter” – Ctrl Shift C & V
  9. Aligning shapes and objects at 8x – 10x speed (QAT)
  10. Text Editing Shortcuts – Alignment, Size

C: Creating visuals to present business ideas and scenarios - Part 1 | 40 mins.

→ Learning Objectives: Create customised infographics & visual illustrations.

  1. Waffle Visual (using multiple shortcuts)
  2. Overlapping circles (Merge – Fragment)
  3. Convert boring text paragraphs to SmartArt in 2 clicks
  4. Trying out variations with LIVE preview
  5. De-assemble and Customize
  6. Convert pictures of different sizes in a collage format (SmartArt)

D: Creating visuals to present business ideas and scenarios - Part 2 | 30 mins.

→ Learning Objectives: Create customised infographics & visual illustrations.

  1. Crop an Image
  2. Crop to Shape with – aspect ratio 1:1 for symmetry
  3. Reset Picture and Size
  4. Create a Magnifier effect – to showcase/highlight features of products, apps, documents
  5. Layering images (Send to Front/Back) with Shadow effects
  6. Use Case – Headshots for the “Team” Slide

E: Using Tables & Charts effectively | 60 mins.

→ Learning Objectives: Making Tables more organized, and convert tables and charts into storytellers.

  1. Basics of Table formatting – alignment, indent, shading, border; distribute rows/columns
  2. Challenges in Copy-Pasting from Excel
  3. Use font-based symbols for status updates –
  4. – level (low, medium, high)
  5. – % completed (est.)
  6. – feature available or not available (tick mark)
  7. – numbers acting as legends for lengthy names
  8. Use dashed rectangle as highlighters
  9. Use number pointers for visual guidance & reading flow
  10. Use curly braces (shapes) for clustering columns or rows
  11. Use callouts for specific context-based messages
  12. Examples from the industry – Consulting, Big 4, I-Banks
  13. Note: The same learning (listed above) applies to CHARTS

Best Practices Checklist for Tables:

  1. Serial numbers on the left for reference (e.g., 1,2,3…)
  2. Row for totals
  3. Sorting logic (descending order, new to old, alphabetically)
  4. Title – Slide title (inference) vs. Table/Chart title (metric name)
  5. Name & unit of metric shown
  6. Footer: Source, Updated date
  7. No acronyms without reference at the bottom (like Legends)

F: Quick Recap of - 7 Storytelling Strategies | 05 mins.

→ Learning Objectives: Learn from best industry practices & consulting reports

7 strategies to add impact to charts, text & table based content:

  1. Number Pointers
  2. Highlighter (dashed outline)
  3. Clustering
  4. Callouts
  5. De-Highlighter – semi-transparent shape / greyed out text
  6. Font-based symbols (Webdings, Wingdings)
  7. Customised infographics & VIsuals

G: [Charts] Use Google to find sector-wise trends on latest industry charts | 10 mins.

→ Learning Objectives: Get context- specific (sector, business, KPI) ideas on Charts & Visuals.

  1. How to use Google’s Advanced Search tags to see the latest industry trends on charts
  2. Links to our YouTube videos on how to create 15+ Business Charts

H: Miscl Tricks | 30 mins.

→ Learning Objectives: Cover miscl tricks.

  1. Office 365 – Icons
  2. Replace Font
  3. Overview of Slide Master
  4. Using the correct Slide layout from the Slide Master
  5. Add Slide Number at the footer

I: Extra Time for QnA and Practice | 45 mins.

To know more about the training’s course curriculum or to conduct the training with our expert Trainers:

Feel free to contact us here: http://www.excelnext.in/contact-us/


The purpose of corporate storytelling using data training is to help professionals develop the skills and knowledge they need to effectively communicate data insights and engage an audience with data.

Corporate storytelling using data training is typically attended by a variety of professionals, including business analysts, data analysts, data scientists, and other professionals who are responsible for presenting data insights to colleagues, clients, or other stakeholders within their organization.

Corporate storytelling using data training can help professionals develop the skills and knowledge they need to effectively communicate data insights and engage an audience with data, which can lead to a range of benefits for both individuals and organizations.

It’s important to create a supportive environment that encourages your employees to continue learning and practicing their data storytelling skills after the training has ended. This can help them retain the skills they learned and continue to improve their ability to effectively communicate data insights.

There are no specific prerequisites to learn storytelling using data, but having some basic knowledge and skills in such areas can be helpful: Data analysis, Presentation skills, Visual design & Data literacy.


Pre-Training Prep Course Testimonials

Kapila Basnayake
Causeway Paints
Read More
It is highly appreciating the way he teaches us. We are a much more comfortable zone to understand since we are in the beginning.
Prasoon Mehra
Read More
The video and modules illustrated were good with the proper shortcuts mentioned. a great training prep.
Sanyam Kalra
Read More
This Excel Speed Training was really helpful and informative. Shortcuts were really good to know. Flash Fill. Vlookup and Pivot Table as well. Helped me get to the next level. A big thanks to PwC and Yoda Learning Team for introducing me to this course.
Harsh Bhati
Read More
It's short, and concise yet pretty informative, your way of describing things and the edits mentioning the shortcuts on the screen helped me with the learning.
Vishal Sharma
Read More
The way these sessions are planned is way more helpful than physical training in the classroom. These are very much helpful.
Chandni Lakdawala
Read More
Now I can easily and efficiently use excel. Also really good and quick coverage Of the topics.
Mohit Kumar
Read More
Pre-Training preparation is very crisp and really useful to refresh the formulas for advanced training.
Ankit Singh
Read More
All the concepts were explained very clearly and were easy to understand. The information conveyed was relevant and is really going to be handy.
Kavya Gupta
Read More
All the topics were relevant and can be used in day-to-day projects. Very insightful and informative topics were covered.


Post-Training Testimonials

Kaustubh Raul
Read More
It was a superb and 2 ways session. The trainer made it so comfortable and easy for everyone though for almost everyone this is was the very first time to be working on Power BI.
Anushree krishania
Read More
It was excellent!! Very very worthwhile to attend it. Thank you so much, and I hope to have more sessions.
Pushkar Thakur
Read More
Just excellent. Such detailed explanation and patience, Sir, has no word other than 'excellent.' When training can be tedious, Sir has made the session interactive and not just for the namesake; because it's so exciting and accurate to its name Sir has done justice to the 'advanced excel training.' Kudos!!
Chetan Nagaraju
Read More
The presenter was able to explain all aspects clearly. He was patient and was able to answer all Qs.
Chirag Jain
Read More
The session was great, and the way the trainer told things was convenient and easy to understand.
Diganta Kakati
T&A Consulting
Read More
So far, I have enjoyed the session. It was very informative and exciting. I like the pace that the trainer conducts the session. Looking forward to learning more new and exciting stuff.