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Excel Next delivers Spotfire Training in Mumbai, India. Our institute holds expertise in BI Training for corporates in Mumbai. It also delivers Spotfire Training in Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, and other states. The Corporates and Organizations who have been thinking to take their employees and organization’s performance a notch higher must trust in Excel Next. This Spotfire training course from Excel Next will help you get a better and complete understanding of the Spotfire Business Intelligence tool. Here, you will learn about the analytics and interactive apps that will help you create highly efficient dashboards.

We are one of the top business intelligence training centres providing Spotfire Training in Mumbai.

With Spotfire Training in Mumbai, you’ll be able to create tags, lists, work around data tables and data sources. Excel Next offers a complete hands-on experience in Spotfire products for learners who’re interested to learn new technologies in Mumbai. It consists of various computational tools such as administration, automation, frameworks, and scripting.

If you wish to learn how to create informative and up-to-date dashboards, how to get the data for analysis, change filter types, change width of an individual column, sort values, Visualize and interact with data, Perform ad-hoc analytics and learn about the various chart types. Spotfire training for your professionals would be the best option for your Organization and to train your team.

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    What are the prerequisites for learning Spotfire?

    There are no prerequisites for learning Spotfire. However, this tool is so amazing for Corporates and employees who’re looking forward to select Data Analysis to meet their Organization Goals.

    Spotfire Course Curriculum

    → Program Name: TIBCO Spotfire
    → Software Application: TIBCO Spotfire® Analyst
    → Level: Beginner to Intermediate (Level 1 to 2)
    → Duration: 2 days

    Note: This program is ideal for Beginners / 1st time users, who aim to use Spotfire to:

    → Create informative and up-to-date dashboards
    Gain insights about your data in detail
    Get informed of how to get the data into the analysis
    Visualize and interact with data
    Perform ad-hoc analytics

    ∗ Overview of Spotfire
    ∗ Who is the Spotfire user?
    ∗ Why Spotfire? (Excel vs BI vs Spotfire)
    ∗ The pre-requisites
    ∗ Spotfire components
    ∗ What’s New (Spotfire X features)
    ∗ Tools for analysis
    ∗ Creating your first visualization dashboard

    ∗ Saving a file
    ∗ Exporting data
    ∗ Exporting Visualizations

    ∗ Basic row/column structure of a data table
    ∗ Data types
    ∗ Data relationships
    ∗ Data queries

    ∗ Simple text files
    ∗ The Clipboard
    ∗ Microsoft Excel files
    ∗ SAS files
    ∗ Database or an information link (a predefined connection to a shared data source)
    ∗ Import data table from a data connection
    ∗ Inserting data table columns and rows

    Trick: Convert normal text area to slider in spotfire

    ∗ Calculate and replace column
    ∗ Calculate new column
    ∗ Change column names
    ∗ Change data types
    ∗ Data function
    ∗ Exclude columns
    ∗ Concatenate column in a particular order
    ∗ Pivot
    ∗ Unpivot

    Trick: Create new line break in calculated column string
    Use case: Formatting a name column to have last name first then first name in a single column

    ∗ Range
    ∗ Item
    ∗ Check box
    ∗ Radio button
    ∗ Text
    ∗ List box
    ∗ Hierarchy
    ∗ Filtering options (eg: Data Binning, Auto Binning, Binned Column, and more…)

    Tricks: Displaying values in a list box filter as check boxes
    Inserting a check box to unselect all filters

    ∗ Filtering from the Data Panel
    ∗ Filtering from the Filters Panel
    ∗ Filtering from Text Areas
    ∗ Changing filter types

    Trick: Hide a particular value from a filter in Spotfire

    ∗ Create a new filtering scheme
    ∗ Change the filtering scheme to use on a page

    Trick: Enable Filtering schemes by default for a new analysis

    ∗ Apply Filter Organization
    ∗ Filtering Display Options
    ∗ Data Drill Down

    Trick: Change the label while using binned columns


    ∗ Creating Data Table
    ∗ Creating Data Table using files and Database
    ∗ Changing Order of the columns
    ∗ Hiding column
    ∗ Displaying hidden columns
    ∗ Changing Width of an individual column
    ∗ Header orientation and header text alignment
    ∗ Text alignment for table cells
    ∗ Sorting a table

    Use case: Create alternating row colors in Spotfire table visualizations


    ∗ Displaying totals
    ∗ Changing widths of all columns
    ∗ Changing width of a separate column
    ∗ Sorting values
    ∗ Specifying header text alignment for multiple headers
    ∗ Specifying header text alignment for an individual header
    ∗ Specifying horizontal text alignment
    ∗ Marking values

    Use case: Calculated column on cross table

    cording to w3c specification).
    Extra class name

    Trick: Change in Cross Table with Property Control


    ∗ Creating a stacked bar chart
    ∗ Creating a side-by-side bar chart
    ∗ Creating a horizontal bar chart
    ∗ Sorting bars by value
    ∗ Sorting bar segments by value
    ∗ Displaying only top bars

    Trick: Hide the name of Color by on the Bar Chart display

    → Program Name: TIBCO Spotfire
    → Software Application: TIBCO Spotfire® Analyst
    → Level: Advanced (L3)
    → Duration: 1 day

    Note: This program is ideal for users who have completed our 2-days workshop and spent hands-on practice after the workshop.

    ∗ FastTrack Recap of L1 & L2 concepts


    ∗ This recap session can stretch to 120 mins. if participants have not done hands-on practice after the 2-day workshop.


    ∗ Hiding total bars
    ∗ Displaying values of bars and blocks
    ∗ Displaying waterfall per categorical color
    ∗ Continuing a waterfall over trellis panels
    ∗ Marking in line charts

    Trick: Improve the calculation of the max value on a line chart
    Use case: Get last 6 month data in Line graph


    ∗ Sorting the combination chart
    ∗ Switching between bars and line series
    ∗ Sorting pie sectors

    Use Case: Target Value problem
    Trick: Taking the decimals out of a pie chart


    ∗ Adjusting the drawing order of markers
    ∗ Using marker rotation for directions

    Use case: Multiple Columns in a Scatterplot condensed into 1 column
    Trick: Replicating a Scatter Plot with a Bar Chart
    Boxplot + Scatter plot in same visualization


    ∗ Creating a trellised visualization
    ∗ Creating a histogram

    Trick: Add different horizontal lines to Trellis in Combo or Line Charts


    ∗ Adding a new KPI
    ∗ Specifying generic KPI chart properties
    ∗ Showing sparklines
    ∗ Sorting tiles alphabetically

    Use case: Calculating difference in percentage between fiscal years in KPI plots


    ∗ OVER Expressions in visualizations
    ∗ Aggregated vs. Unaggregated Visualizations
    ∗ Using Categorical OVER Expressions

    Use cases:

    ∗ Average of all values on the chart
    ∗ Over() function finding for Overall total with multiple condition
    ∗ Average of all lines on the chart
    ∗ Aggregate Functions (Profit Ratio) = SUM([Profit]) / SUM([Sales]) as a Calculated Column


    ∗ Node Navigation Methods (ALL(), PREVIOUS(), NEXT(), ALLPREVIOU, ALLNEXT(), and more…)
    ∗ Syntax Rules
    ∗ Example

    ∗ Overview
    ∗ Linear Regression
    ∗ Regression Tree
    ∗ Logistic Regression
    ∗ Classification Tree

    ∗ Hierarchical Clustering
    ∗ Data Relationships
    ∗ K-Means Clustering
    ∗ Regression Modelling

    The professionals at Excel Next hold expertise in varied training sessions & are also knowledgeable about Spotfire products that will work for Spotfire client Users, Spotfire Administration, Spotfire Development, Spotfire Statistical etc. We have got a promising client base. Our consultants have worked for several years for high profile companies and also have delivered training sessions to several of our Clients. E.g. PwC, ITC, Uber, Tata Power, Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Wipro, Gulf Oil, JSW group, Saint Gobain, EXL Service etc. Click here to read our clients’ success stories.

    We provide professional and easily accessible training in Spotfire in Mumbai.  Our training programs are not just led by highly experienced specialists and Spotfire trainers having experience but are led in a completely digestive manner. The program is completely based on the practical approach and scenarios to provide a better learning experience to the learners. So, if you’re looking out for the best business intelligence training centre in Mumbai and the opportunity to get a real understanding of Spotfire basics by working on a live project then Excel Next is the best option. Our training programs are designed to allow analysts, beginners, programmers, and project leaders to gain mastery in this technology.

    The Spotfire Training in Mumbai is one of our programs from BI Training in Mumbai it and will give you an in-depth knowledge of what all is needed to create real-world analytic applications and dashboards by making use of the Spotfire product.

    A complete Instructor-Led Spotfire Training with Real World use cases, Scenarios Practical Approaches from the best and 24/7 Certified Trainers.

    We have been providing training services for corporate industry and training our clients for years now.

    Excel Next is also known for providing standout corporate training for the following categories:

    • Knime Training
    • Qlik Training
    • Advanced Excel Training
    • Excel VBA Training
    • PowerPoint Training
    • PowerBi Training
    • Alteryx Training

    Discover & Find the Right Training Option for your Professionals at Excel Next.

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