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Advanced Excel Training Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore & Pune.

advanced excel training is the quality training firm which targets to make the professionals understand the user defined functions, be the master at Excel Macros and have in depth knowledge about Visual Basic for Applications.

Our advanced excel institute of training is a premier Excel training & PowerPoint training firm. The training sessions target on providing soft skills training, mis training, vba training to the people, it focusses on the learning needs of the Corporate Professionals. Our learning modules cover Basic, Intermediate, Advanced & Expert levels. After having received the training the people have learned the Data Management techniques.

We are the advanced Excel Institute and we have conducted 1,000+ training programs in 15+ cities since 2010. We conduct Advanced PowerPoint, visual basic & Excel training

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What We Do?

We focus on MS Office productivity – time-saving Excel tips and tricks, best industry practices of making PowerPoint presentations.

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We update our course outline regularly with the latest Excel tricks such as FlashFill, Fuzzy Lookup, Macros for non-programmers, Array formulas etc.

Why we?

Advanced Excel

  • Essentials – Sort, Filter, Shortcuts
  • In-depth of Lookups
  • Data Consolidating formulas
  • In-depth of Pivot Table
  • Multi-level Logical statements
  • Data Cleaning tricks
  • Expert level – Array Formulas, INDIRECT, OFFSET

Advanced PPT

  • Essentials – Text, Pictures, Shapes
  • Speed shortcuts
  • Complex org. chart tricks
  • Process flow diagrams tricks
  • Expert – button triggered animation
  • Charts – Waterfall, Thermometer
  • Industry examples

Excel VBA Macros

  • Macros Essentials – Record, Run
  • Structure of a Macro code
  • Objects, Properties, Methods
  • Variables, Loops
  • Events
  • Creating forms
  • Automating copy-paste processes
  • Readymade codes from Google

Choose the right topics of MS Excel Training

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  • How to customize Excel Training for your team
  • Designing an appropriate course outline maximizes Training RoI
  • Download the 3 page guidelines on DOs and DONTs.
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You can Achieve High ROI From the Training by ensuring that all participants have access to an experienced Trainer who eats, sleep and dreams Excel and PowerPoint. Participants’ time in the training program can be used effectively in the presence of structured case studies, right topics and customized eBook (picture based). 

You wouldn’t want the participants to write notes for 20% of the time during the workshop, would you?

Even before you engage us, you and your team can learn from our 3 most popular tricks videos (Excel, PowerPoint, Macros).  Visit here – Free Excel Course for 30-mins

Excel Training Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Bangalore

Almost all our clients provide us repeat assignments. E.g. PwC, ITC, Uber, Tata Power, Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Wipro, Gulf Oil, JSW group, Saint Gobain, EXL Service etc. Click here to read our clients’ success stories.

Our blogs help our clients be updated with the latest tricks. E.g.

  • Microsoft Office 2013 has an inbuilt utility tool called “Spreadsheet Compare 2013”?  Read More
  • Can you remove Excel’s protect worksheet password just using the Notepad?  Read More
  • Advanced Excel VLOOKUP Function: Why and How?  Read more
  • Text to Columns in depth.  Read more

Our online video courses have been Reviewed by Global experts

  • Review by a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awardee. Click Here to read more about Rishabh Pugalia’s course
  • MBA Excel has reviewed our course. Click Here to read the review.
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The facilitators are not only technically very knowledgeable, but also genuinely helpful and have a clear desire to help professionals work smarter, not harder. Thanks for a week very well spent!

Karnika Bhalla (Deloitte)
Director of Finance, Accounting and Compliance, USAID’s Nepal Hydropower Development Project

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